Note: Since checking back on the link, it seems Asahi has pulled down the link to the article. Also recently, there has been an announcement about a release of RDR in Japanese, thus making the validity of this article in question. It remains to be seen what will the 3rd single be.

“Advancing in Japan” Announcement of SNSD’s 3rd single for February 2011.




SNSD will release their new Japanese single “Oh!” next year on February 2nd.

Released in January of this year in Korea, with an upbeat rhythm, easy to remember melody, and style that is close to J-pop, this extremely popular hit song has been cosplayed by Japanese fans and covered on Youtube videos.

Their 2nd Japanese single, “Gee,” set a record for a foreign Asian girl group by reaching number one on Oricon daily chart (10/26). With their new song, they aim to reach number one on Oricon’s official and widely recognized weekly chart.

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