This month on the 8th, Popular Korean girl group SNSD released their debut single “GENIE”, which spread to the increase in sales of their DVD. Last month on August 11th, SNSD’s DVD “SNSD’s Arrival~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” (Universal Music) was released. Last week it ranked 12th, but this week it moved up to rank #7. After 4 weeks, it’s made a comeback into the TOP 10.

The amounts sold has also increased. Last week 5,000 copies were sold and this week 6,000 copies were sold. The cumulative amount sold is 42,000 copies. They rank #7 when among females in western music. Currently, #6 is held by Destiny’s Child “Live In Atlanta” (Released April 5, 2006) and has sold 43,000 copies. #5 is held by Madonna “Celebration ~Madonna All-time Best DVD” (October 2, 2009) and has sold 44,000 copies. You can see their power. Hereafter, (SNSD) is expected to move into the TOP 5.

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