It was comical as Jung Yonghwa couldn’t settle down after speaking with his ideal type Ueno Juri.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Ueno Juri made a surprise appearance on Jung Yonghwa and SNSD Seohyun’s segment of “We Got Married”; a program with imaginary marriages.

Ueno Juri wore glasses and appeared as an assistant chef at a “conveyer belt” sushi bar. MC Park Misun asked “How famous is Ueno Juri?” Kim Jeongmin explained, “She’s a top star. She’s like Korea’s Moon Geunyoung and has a little sister-like existence.”

However, Seohyun and Yonghwa didn’t really notice Ueno, they were engrossed with eating their sushi.

Ueno Juri took off her glasses in the end and actively called out to them. Finally when the two noticed her she said, “I thought you would notice me a bit earlier. That took a long time.”

Jung Yonghwa made it clear on a radio earlier that she was his ideal type and he exclaimed, “I can’t believe Ueno Juri is standing right before my eyes.”

On the other hand, Seohyun was able to show her excellent Japanese conversation ability. She had a flawless conversation exchange with Ueno Juri , “I’m studying Japanese right now but, it’s difficult because there’s so much kanji.”

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