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Girl group Girls’ Generation, containing 9 members has successfully entered in Japan.

Girls’ Generation has officially released their Japanese debut single ‘Genie’ on 8th. On the day of Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie’ release, they slipped into 5th place of Oricon Daily Single Chart, which an album selling survey that boasts the top authority inside Japan. They demonstrated their potential by ascending up to the Top 5.

Girls’ Generation’s excellent result was somehow expected before their release of ‘Genie’. On their first showcase which was held towards the end of August, about 20,000 fans inside Japan has gathered. Adding to that, Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese major DVD ‘Live Digest – Girl’s Generation The 1st Asia Tour into the new world’, only being 3 weeks since its release, has won 1st place on Oricon Daily DVD Chart on last 2nd of September.

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Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie’, which gave them a big pleasure by participating in Oricon Daily Single Chart Top 5 is the Japanese version of ‘Tell Me your Wish’, which was a big hit in Korea last year.

Meanwhile, Girls’s Generation will be staying in Japan for their ‘Genie’ promotion, and will participate in ‘SM Town Live’ 10′ that will be held at Shanghai Hongkou gymnasium on following 11th.

Moon Wansik Reporter from Tokyo, Japan (STARNews/

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Congratulations to our Girls’! They’re already doing an awesome job inside Japan :P.. I can’t wait to receive my Japanese album of our Girls’ that I pre-ordered T_T