Performer Kim Min Hee and SNSD’s episode was revealed.

Kim Min Hee, on the 27th broadcasted SBS “Tasty Invite”, had said her friends appeared in a samgyeopsal* restaurant, in which she confessed to buying food for Yoona and Sooyoung.

Kim Min Hee “I saw Yoona and Sooyoung at a samgyeopsal restaurant. They immediately acted like they knew me and greeted with “Sunbae, hello.”

“Since they greeted me, and as they were being very graceful and adorable, I paid, but as if 4 boys had eaten, they ate a meal worth 210,000 won**,” she revealed.

Kim Min Hee said “I told my older sister this story and she said I was lucky that not all the SNSD members came,” creating laughter in the set.

[Omitted extraneous information]

*T/N: Samgyeopsal is a type of meat, like bacon.
**T/N: 210,000 won is around US$175.

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