SNSD debuted in Japan with their DVD on August 11th titled “SNSD’s Arrival~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~”. SNSD, the K-POP girl group with great legs, held their showcase concert at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum on the 25th. 22,000 people (total of the 3 concerts) showed up with wild enthusiasm.

SNSD is the big favorite that is currently conquering Japan. Their popularity is great in Korea, but also in Japan. This event was for the people who purchased the DVD and one performance was planned. However, many more people had a desire to go, so they quickly bumped it up to 3 performances.

The costumes emphasize their long, slender, great legs. SNSD’s trait is doing cute yet sexy dances. During this performance, they also showed their legs which were a highlight. They performed 5 songs, among them were “Genie” and “Gee”. When the members did something with just the slightest effort; fans burst into cheers. The venue shook with amazing enthusiasm.

When looking into the guest seating the venue was filled with pink penlights that are SNSD’s support color. The members were moved by the sight and said, “The pink is really pretty!”. Taeyeon said this about their first Japanese performance, “We’re nervous, but since we prepared really hard, we hope you enjoy it”. Sunny also commented, “It’s the first time we’re meeting Japanese fans, it is very significant”. Sooyoung spoke with fluent Japanese that was appealing, “I’m happy so many people came. We’ll do our best in Japan, so please cheer for us!”

The music video for the Japanese version of their single “Genie” (Released Wednesday September 8th) was first revealed to the public on the day of the concert.

The sex ratio at the concert was 80% female and 20% male.

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