[Sports Chosun T-News Park Hyunmin Reporter] Girl group SNSD’s Yoona have sent her cheering message to the Korean national soccer team who are set to face off against Argentina.

Yoona has appeared as a MC on 2010 South African World Cup Coex’s street-cheering congratulatory stage with SBS Yoon Hyunjin announcer and Comedian Kim Yongman on 17th 6 o’clock PM.

When Kim Yongman asked Yoona “Do you think the Korea will win?”, she stated “I think the Argentina will be winning” and was worried about the score. Kim Yongman then asked “Even they have won by 2:0 on Greece, and since it will be complicated to memorize all the scores, how about 2:0 once again?” and she nodded her head. On this day, Yoona had a braided hairstyle, which made guys who came out to the street-cheering to be fluttered.

She also participated with Girls’ Generation who came out for a stage and sang ‘Oh, ‘3!4!’, which heated up the atmosphere of cheering.

Meanwhile, this day’s stage, ‘SBS 2010 South African World Cup National Cheering Festival The Shout of Victory’ was on the air for about one hour since 6PM. Besides Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, f(x), ZE:A, MBLAQ, In Sooni&ChoPD came out showing off their fantastic stages.

Credits to: sosiz.net, sportschosun.com / Park Hyunmin Reporter for picture and the article
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Even though Korea lost to Argentina, we still have hope >_