SNSD’s First Photobook has 35,000 Pre-Orders Alone. ‘Jackpot Forthcoming’

The nation’s girl group SNSD’s first photobook, ‘So Nyuh (in Tokyo)’, will be released on the 7th.

Shot at Tokyo, Japan this photobook, with a ‘So Nyuh’ concept, is also filled with travel, sports, party concepts and more, which differs from their glamorous appearance on stage. The photobook is also filled with the girls’ enjoying their daily lives comfortably and naturally.

Along with the photo book which is filled with the SNSD member’s various sides, you can take a peek into the behind the scenes of the photo shoot in an included DVD containing the making films.

This photobook’s pre-orders amount to around 35,000 copies. Even before the release of the photobook, it is gaining an explosive response from the fans, thus making us realize So Nyuh Shi Dae’s hot popularity once again. Industry officials have also stated that as a female group, the amount of pre-orders is considerably a high level, and they were surprised at SNSD’s power.

SNSD’s first photo book ‘So Nyuh (in Tokyo)’ will be on sale on the 7th at offline music stores.

Article written by, Reporter Kim Hyung Woo

Source: Newsen
Translation: soshilover @