[TVdaily= Choi JoonYong Reporter [email protected]] Girls’ Generation made their fans go wild from their two different charming points.

On this day of 22nd, 7PM at Seoul Mapo District Seoul World Cup Stadium, ‘Love You Korea 2010 Dream Concert’ was held and Girls’ Generation participated with official 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ and repackage album title song ‘Run Devil Run’.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Oh!’ stage on this day boasted their refreshing and vivacious choreography, and on the following ‘Run Devil Run’ stage, contrasting from ‘Oh!’ stage, they made their fans go wild by haughty and charismatic eyes and more impressive choreography. Especially from the choreography where the members grab onto each others shoulders bouncing off their pelvis, their charming points were more appealing.

On this day, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Sin Saekyung who have joined the rank of popular star through MBC TV ‘High Kick through the Roof’, and 2PM Taekyeon managed to be the ‘Dream Concert’ MC and progressed the concert.

On ‘Dream Concert’, Lee Hyori, Rain, Girls’ Generation, Wondergirls, Super Junior, SS501, 2PM, KARA, SHINEE, ZE:A, After School, T-ARA, U-Kiss, 4minute, BEAST, CN Blue, f(x), and many more top artists in Korea have been all called out and opened up fabulous stages.

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Credits to: Choi Joonyong Reporter of tvdaily.co.kr, [email protected]

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