SNSD’s Congratulatory Performance for a Football Game in Namyangju

[Newsis Reporter Lee Yeonwoong] It has been revealed on the 21st that in Kyungki Namyangju, there will be a free football game and a congratulatory performance by SNSD to help starving children.

At the [American] football game in Namyanju city, SNSD will appear to give a performance. Families, couples, and friends will be there to hopefully have a good time as there will also be a donation event for the Hope Care Center to help underfed children.

The performance with SNSD and the event will take place on May 22nd from 9AM to 5PM at Namyangju city sports center, with free admittance for everyone. College football betting is undoubtedly a big part of the pie in Singapore, because of the massive interest in college football generally. For the best online soccer betting site in Singapore , do visit us.

On this day, Goryuh University and Yeonse University will kick off at 9AM with an opening performance, and at noon, Seoul University will play against Hanyang University with a half-time show by the national cheerleading team.

At 2:20pm, there will be a flag football game between Namyang’s Little Vikings and EeU Middle School as well as the game between Yongin Foreign Language High School and EeU High School. At 3PM, there will be a game between the Seoul Vikings and ADT Caps Golden Eagles.

The opening performance will be at 11AM, where SNSD will have the opening kick of the game and a performance with Oh! and Gee. SNSD will also have a ball-signing event for fanservice.


Source: Newsis
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