Yoona Brings SNSD as a Guest to Liven Up FO2

[Newsen Reporter Kim Sohee]

SNSD’s Yoona personally called in the SNSD members for a performance for the army on FO2.

The Family members prepared a surprise performance for the Nodo army in Kangwon Yangoo. This episode is to air on May 23rd on SBS’s Good Sunday.

On this day, the 7 members of FO2 made things more exciting by calling in friends on the phone to perform with.

First, Yoona called fellow SNSD member, Sooyoung. When Yoona asked Sooyoung if she could come for the army performance, Sooyoung said, “We’re in the middle of our schedule right now and don’t know when we’ll finish,” bursting Yoona’s bubble. Sooyoung also added that she she’d talk to their manager and the other members and call her back.

A while later, Sooyoung called back to say that all the members will go except for Taeyeon, who is scheduled for a radio. This made Yoona and the Family members very happy.
[This is because the episode was probably filmed before Taeyeon left ChinChin]

In the end, SNSD stood as the day’s finale performance. As soon as SNSD entered, the Nodo army gave an explosive cheer. This will air on May 2rd at 5pm.


Source: Newsen
Translation: [email protected]