SNSD visits to the military with “Family Outing S2”

[Newsen Park Se Yeon reporter]

Girl group SNSD prepares a concert for the military with the members of
the “Family”.

On May 16th, SBS will air “Happy Sunday”, “1st episode”, “Family Outing S2”
where family members will go to Yangoo, Gangwon to find a military squad
and perform an encouragement concert. Also, as special guests of the show
SNSD members made their way onto the stage making the concert even hotter.

One of the people involved with “Family Outing S2” made a phone call to the
Newsen and stated that, “SNSD member agreed to show up as guests for “Family
Outing S2″ military encouragement concert to cheer on Yoona.”

Furthermore the associate revealed that this military encouragement performance was
recorded in March. Of course, due to “Family Outing” members and SNSD’s appearance
on stage,the soldier’s reactions were hotter than ever.

On the other hand, “Family Outing S2” will be making Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul as
their 8th member. His first filming as a member of the “Family” will begin on the 17th.

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