Taeyeon’s Approved Acting and Singing in her First Musical and Her Romantic Kiss Scene

[Kyungjae Today] SNSD Taeyeon showed stable acting skills and received the “passing grade” during her first musical performance.

On May 7th, 2:30pm, at the Sejong M Theatre in Seoul, there was an open rehearsal of the musical, “Song of the Sun”, directed by Hwang Jaehun and starring SNSD’s Taeyeon as main character.

This open rehearsal was divided into Act I and Act II, lasting two and a half hours. It is about a girl named Kaoru, who cannot go outside in the sun because of her unique disease called Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). The story draws out about how she falls in love with a boy named Koji who lives in the sun and loves to surf.

Taeyeon, who plays Kaoru’s role, showed stable acting skills despite it being her first ever musical performance. She also grabbed people’s attention by showing that she was easily able to sing the songs made popular through the movie, “Goodbye Days,” “Skyline,” and “It’s Happyline” with her own unique color.


There were, however, complaints about the host even from the beginning of the rehearsal because of his/her MCing. Even though there were reporters gathered 3 hours before the show because of Taeyeon, they were let into the theatre only 10 minutes before the show. As the reporters piled in such a small space, it was chaotic. There was even a situation where the photojournalists were boycotting.

The musical, “The Song of the Sun”, will have its opening show on May 7th and continue until May29th at the Sejong M Theatre. All 13 shows featuring Taeyeon are already sold out, and the show is gaining a lot of interest.


Source: Kyungjae Today
Translation: [email protected]