SNSD Jessica, “Kim Hee Chul was cold and arrogant”, she reveals her first impression about him

SNSD’s Jessica who’s in the same company as Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior, revealed her first impression about him

Jessica came in as a guest on SBS’ Power FM, “Kim Hee Chul’s Young Street” which was aired on March 30th. She revealed
her first impression about Kim Hee Chul by stating, “He was arrogant and his personality was so cold. Also, he kept reminding
me that he as older, making me feel uncomfortable. So, my first impression on him wasn’t so good.”

Furthermore, Sulli who also came on as a guest on the same day, revealed her first impression on Kim Hee Chul.
She stated, “He was weird” and continued on “He bothered me countless times. I was around 12 years old when I met him
for the first time, but he still bothered me and made me cry a lot. So my first impression on him wasn’t so great.”

Super Junior member Dong Hae, on the other hand, said that “I remember meeting with Kim Hee Chul for the first
time since I was the one who was ordered by the company to take the new guy from Kang Wan Do. I went to pick
him up feeling annoyed, but when I met him he was very polite.”

“Kim Hee Chul’s Young Street” is aired very day at 8 p.m.

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