SNSD: “Our height and entrance date rankings are right”, and Their Audition Tapes Revealed

[Newsen Reporter Lee Eonhyuk]

What is the truth behind the “BlackSoshi” SNSD rankings?

SNSD recently filmed KBS 2TV’s “Story Show Rock”, and they revealed their Run Devil Run music video behind-the-scenes and videos of themselves preparing for their comeback stage.

About the rankings that netizens posted online, SNSD said, “The members gathered and saw it while laughing,” and, “they were only correct about the order of our heights and the order of when we joined, but the other things were all wrong.”

SNSD said, “Actually, the member with the most leadership is Tiffany. And then makne Seohyun and Hyoyeon are next.”

Also on this show, pre-debut audition tapes of Yoona, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and videos of the members practicing dance during their trainee days will be revealed. In addition, we will be able to hear stories of some of the members that are currently in university, about their normal lives as students.

This show is to air on the night of March 30, 12:55. (Which is technically 12:55am of March 31)


Source: Newsen
Translation: [email protected]