SNSD’s Yuri has caused an outburst of laughs by imitating Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha.

In KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” which aired on the 5th, the G7 members separated into two teams, following MC Noh Joohyun or Kim Shinyoung and went on a field trip.

Out of the G7 members, Yuri, Han Sunhwa, Hyunah, and Goo Hara went to experience farming with MC Kim Shinyoung. They experienced farm-related things like chickens, bat caves, and strawberry harvest.

On this day, they visited vinyl greenhouse to harvest strawberries. While harvesting, Kim Shinyoung suggested to play a game where they switch characters.

First, Hyunah copied Hyomin’s weak voice. Next up, Yuri held strawberries and imitated adult-dol Narsha and made people laugh.

While holding the strawberries, she stated, “If this is mine, then whose is this?” and answered “This is Hara’s!” From Yuri’s imitation of adult-dol, Kim Shinyoung and Hyunah burst out in laughter.

With Yuri’s perfect adult-dol act, the viewers commented “Today, Yuri is rated R”, “Our Yuri has changed”, and “Yuri is aiming for the adult-dol image.”

Credit: Sosiz