SNSD angels, “Please get better Yuri” surprise message

[TV Daily = Choi Jun Yong] SNSD’s five streak win on “Music Bank’s” K-chart called for an encore stage where they showed a powerful performance

SNSD on the March 5th at 6:30PM, performed live on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” once again winning first place with their new album “Oh” songs. Furthermore, SNSD members also sent a message to Yuri who couldn’t make it to the stage due to the fact that she is sick with the H1N1 virus. They sent an affectionate message to Yuri saying things like, ” Yuri get better quick” and “Yuri please don’t be sick anymore”.

Last month, SNSD made a comeback and in seven days they were ranked as number one in most of the music programs showing an enormous potential to get a five streak win in the K-Music Charts. On the day of the performance all the members of SNSD,excluding Yuri who is sick with H1N1, got on stage and attracted a lot of attention with their white shorts and green shirt outfits. Also, their “Cow Herding”, “Swan’s Leg” and “Twister” dance was shown, leaving a strong impression on the fans.

SNSD said, “We weren’t expecting to get an award today, but we’re happy anyways. People in the company we love you very much. Thank you very much and we’ll be a hard working SNSD.”

Kim Seo Hyun, Dae Gook Nam Ah, Untouchable(Feat. Secret’s Song Ji Eun), Aurora, One-Two, Lidia, The Trio, U-Kiss, An Ji Kyung, December, Kim Jong Gook, T-ara, M4, CN Blue, Beast, Min Kyung Ho, Outsider, Kara, Park Mi Kyun, Sun Mi, 2AM, B.E.G., SNSD are all the artist who showed a great performance on stage.

[Choi Jun Yong reporter / KBS Broadcast Capture]

**Note: Yuri please do get better**

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