The 200,000 sales mark of SNSD’s comeback album “Oh!” is in sight.

SNSD’s 2nd album “Oh!”, which was released on the 28th January has been sitting at the top of online music charts for 4 consecutive weeks.

150,000 albums were pre-ordered and when the album was released, the amount of orders increased. Also, the album has been sitting on “Hot Tracks’s” charts 1st seat and thus the 200,000 sales mark is in sight. If they reach the 200,000 mark, it will be a record for the girls since they first debuted. For the albums “SNSD”, “Gee”, “Tell me Your Wish”, and “Oh!”, the record sales has always been over 100,000.

The title song “Oh!” has not only been first in online charts, but has also been first for 3 consecutive weeks on KBS2’s “Music Bank” and first for 2 consecutive weeks on SBS’s “Inkigayo”.

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Congrats to the girls and us sones, i personally know that i contributed a couple of sales to their numbers :)