The national girl group SNSD created a phenomenon of hitting 1st place instantly after their comeback.

SNSD rose to the 1st place spot with their 2nd album title track ‘Oh!’ on the live broadcasting of Music Bank on the 5th. This stage was SNSD’s comeback stage to ‘Music Bank’ and they set a record for reaching the 1st place position so fast after a comeback. SNSD showed off their SNSD syndrome by taking over the music industry just 9 days after the release and only 6 days after their official comeback.

Following suit, SNSD reached the top in album sales and downloads as well as airtime charts in just 10 days which showed their formidable force of their title of ‘national girl group’.

After being rewarded, SNSD stated, “We want to thank the fans who are always supporting us.”

SNSD gave rise to consecutive hits with ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’ in the past year and had dominated the public media as well as the commercial industry and had received the love of the public. And with the explosive responses to their most recent song, SNSD promises to create a SNSD syndrome that will alter the entire public media in 2010.

2nd album’s title track ‘Oh!’ was produced by Kenzie and has a electronic pop genre to it and it shows off the bright and energetic image that is special to SNSD. It has been judged that the lyrics which include cute proposals of love that have completely sold out the listeners.

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