SNSD’s Sunny made a surprise announcement stating that she is envious of the ‘adult idol’ character.

KBS2 ‘Invincible Youth’ which aired on the 5th showed the girls of IY ice fishing and cooking.

On this day’s show, the G7 members were seen slipping and falling on the ice while fishing, eating raw fish that they caught as well as various other images that are not usually shown and brought laughter to the viewers.

Sunny stated in the episode that she was envious of Narsha’s ‘adult idol’ character and drew attention when she said that she wanted to give up her ‘comedy idol’ character and take on the character of an ‘adult idol’.

Sunny, Shinyoung and Sunhwa, who were at a house of one of the local residents during the filming went up on the roof and created a parody of an old program called ‘Open your chest’.

Sunny brought laughter to the viewers when she opened up the jacket that she was wearing and shouted, “I’m going to be an ‘adult idol’ from now on! Open your chest!”

Also on this day’s episode, images of the member’s brain structure created by a viewer garnered the attention of other viewers.

Especially, Narsha’s brain structure image was largely taken over by a section labeled ‘adult idol’ which brought laughter.

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