Yoona, “I Want to Get Married and Live a Normal Life Like Sean & Jung Hyeyoung”

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[Newsen Reporter ChaYeon]

SNSD Yoona revealed, “My greatest goal in life is to get married and live while be loved like an average person.”

When SNSD was participating during a recent filming of ‘Girls On Top 2’ on MTV, she revealed her views on marriage, her complex, and life style. Through this, she showed her future hopes and aspirations, wanting to be a lady and not a girl.

On the nickname “Nam Choding” (elementary school boy) she earned from netizens, she said, “Do I seem like an elementary school child that much? I want to be a lady,” and she revealed the future marriage she had secretly hoped to have since childhood.

Yoona said, “I think that the Sean-Jung Hyeyoung couple is the most ideal couple to me,” and, “My greatest goal and dream in life is to marry like them.” She also added, “My ideal man is one that is gentle and attentive but looks very manly.”

Although she is the ideal girl of many males for having perfect looks, she also has parts of her body that she doesn’t want to show people. She said, “I don’t like walking around bare-feet because I don’t have girly feet that are small and pretty,” and chose her feet as her complex.

Yoona also said, “I want to film a commercial for chocolate,” and showed everyone a bit of acting that is only unique to Yoona. Also on ‘Girls On Top 2″, she talks about when she sent an odd video message to Jessica, tells how she personally overcame being a slump during her trainee days, shares her fashion items, and tells many other stories that have never been told elsewhere.

On another note, Yoona has been chosen as a new member of SBS ‘Family Outing 2’, and along with Yoon Sanghyun, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Kim Wonhee, and others, they are to take on the number 1 Sunday variety show.

The episode of MTV’s ‘Girls On Top 2’, where Yoona expresses her wish to be a lady and not a girl with a pure look in her eyes and tells her honest stories, will air in two parts at 10:00 p.m. on January 8th and 16th.


By the way, Sean is from the old rapping duo, ‘Jinusean’, who were very popular about 10 years ago. His wife, Jung Hyeyoung, is an actress.


Source: Newsen
Translation: taengbear@soshified.com