Taeyeon’s new short curly hair gives off a ‘different kind of attractiveness’ than her long straight hair.

On the 25th, on KBS2’s music show ‘Music Bank’, a special ‘2009, a year in review’ episode was aired. It was on this episode Taeyeon showed up in a cute Santa Claus outfit with her new hairdo, along with the rest of SNSD, which gathered the audience’s attention.

SNSD preformed their song Gee, which was the number one song on the charts for nine weeks (from the third week of January 2009 to the second week of March 2009) which made the hearts of many male fans beat enthusiastically.

In addition, Gee, which was a record 9 week long chart topper raised a national SNSD syndrome which placed them as the top girl group in the music world.

Especially on this day, SNSD’s Taeyeon grabbed the audience’s attention with her new short and curly hair style.

Other than this, there was a join stage performance featuring all the members of SNSD and SHINee.

2PM also performed ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Again&Again’ while Super Junior performed ‘Sorry Sorry’.

Fans commented on Taeyeon’s hairstyle transformation by saying “It’s very cute”, and “Any hairstyle would look good on Taeyeon”.

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Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified