The ‘MAMA’ (Mnet Asian Music Awards) were held with SNSD removed from the ceremony.
How could they have removed SNSD? What is the reason behind this unimaginable situation?

This year’s song of the year went to 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care,’ it is not unreasonable to say
that this song was one of the greatest hits of the year, bit without a doubt SNSD’s ‘Gee’
whipped up a huge storm as well. To be truthful many people are in doubt with the decision
as they all agree that ‘I Don’t Care’ did not come anywhere near ‘Gee.’
Not admitting to this truth is like trying to block out the sun with your hand.

This year was the year of idols, especially for the girl groups.
SNSD opened the year 2009 and was the centre of attention for the majority of the year.
SNSD was the dark horse. Although SNSD were slightly overcome by 2NE1 in the summer,
looking throughout the entire year; SNSD dominated.

In this reality, we have no choice but to submit to the results of the awards.
If we ignore reality then the award ceremony holds no meaning.
We cannot judge the groups by its financial success only.
We must take vocal ability and musicality into account as well.

If we observe the finalists of MAMA they included Big Bang’s G Dragon,
2NE1, 2PM, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls and Super Junior. They are all idols.
From this we can conclude that they were chosen through pure financial success only and the support of fan clubs.
The award ceremony itself was skewed away from fair judgement.

The very fact that SNSD was disregarded in the ceremony
proves the inconsistency of the judgement of MAMA. How could they remove SNSD,
the most financially successful song of the year. It completely contradicts their judgement.

To be frank there is little difference in talent between SNSD and 2NE1. The same with Kara.
If we look only at the skill of a girl group it would without a doubt be Brown Eyed Girls.
If the award for best girl group went to Brown Eyed Girls it would have been understandable.

However, that decision would have also been awkward. If vocal skills and musicality were that important,
then there should have been the same outcome with the other awards.
It was a festival of idol groups of the financially powerful entertainment companies.
Looking at the decision for the girl group award, taking out the most successful SNSD
and giving the award to Brown Eyed Girls would have been suspicious also.

It is also hard to blame SM for not contributing to the ceremony. This is because last summer (in Korea)
the results were pre-announced on ‘Mnet Choice.’ The protagonists of that day were 2PM, 2NE1 and Lee Hyori.
Back then SNSD were not included as well. SNSD have already been through this kind of situation before,
if they predicted that the same situation were to occur again, it is understandable
that they did not attend to an award ceremony that has nothing to do with them.

Looking at last summer’s results for ‘Mnet Choice’ they asked that the judgements to be made
fairly on financial success only. It is embarrassing to say that the awards were suspiciously given in all the categories.

‘MAMA’ is not the only one with this problem. This was also the case with the ‘Best Film’ awards.
People could not figure out the standards and criteria to which the films were judged.
It is a problem with Korea’s standard of the award ceremonies.
This is a never ending problem where the awards are skewed towards whoever’s wish.

So it is obvious to make this request again. Please hold these kinds of award ceremonies
in your personal time and location with your neighbors.
Even with the awards being judged by financial success, taking out the country’s most loved song
makes the award ceremony meaningless to society.

In the year of the girl group idols, we saw that SNSD was removed from the awards twice.
It is impossible not to say that the way award ceremonies in Korea have become preposterous.

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