Photo credit: Joy News 24

Taeyeon is the number one idol people want to visit their hometown with for Chuseok [a three-day Korean holiday].

Music site Monkey3 ( put up a questionnaire from the 24th to the 28th and 1,235 members of the site participated in it. The questionnaire was titled ‘The Idol You Want to Visit Your Hometown With’, and Taeyeon won by a landslide, with 45% (550) of the votes.

Participants explained why they chose Taeyeon, saying, “Just being next to the cute and lively Taeyeon makes me feel better,” “As expected of a DJ, she is witty and clever at talking, so I think she would be good company on the boring trip back to my hometown.”

Lee Seunggi, who has recently been receiving a lot of love for ‘Let’s Break Up’, was second place with 185 votes (15%). A lot of participants said that they think Lee Seunggi would be fun to be with, since he would probably play a lot of games in the car like he does on ‘1 Night 2 Days’.

SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong was third place with 155 votes (13%), Big Bang’s Daesung was fourth place with 136 votes (11%), while Sandara Park and f(x)’s Sulli were fifth and sixth place.

Reporter: Park Jaeduk ([email protected])
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