SNSD members are all nice. Especially Tiffany and Sunny are examples of really nice young adults, which is kind of hard to find these days. They are like angels. I should have known it from the last photoshoot I had with them. Those two greeted 45 staff members individually. Truthfully, this never happens and I would almost say that it’s weird to see such situation.

Most of the times, other idol groups would only greet important staff members in the beginning and thank only the important staff members after the photoshoots. But they were really different. It made me realized why teens like SNSD so much.

After greeting all 45 members, Sunny came upto me and said, “Unnie! I know I’m going to make mistakes, so just look over them for me, okay?” How sweet. I mean, she actually admitted that she had faults and apologized for them beforehand. I felt so thankful for the sincere, yet friendly comment. All I could do was nod and go into shooting. I guess it was hot; the makeup kept erasing. So Sunny kept fixing the smears with a kleenex. “I’m sorry…” she would say. I wasn’t really bothered by her actions but hearing her apology was… it was one of those moments when you didn’t ask for anything but someone did something for you anyways…? It made me happier and made a gesture to assure her that it was okay which allowed her to relax. Then Sunny said, “Okay then. Let’s keep going! Fighting!” and punched the air in replenished strength. That positive energy spread throughout the photoshoot. It was really nice to see that. She never showed a sign of being worn out (it took Sunny about 2 hours and 30 minutes for her to finish) and kept smiling which made other smile with her.

Tiffany was also very unique. All throughout shooting, she kept advertising for us. I guess she had a phone call during the 1 hour break for lunch. She kept repeating on the phone that everyone here is really nice and fun to work with. That made me feel so thankful, but in addition, she would make and bring coffee for staff members. Usually it would be the staffs who would bring coffee for the idols, so how nice must that have been… Photographer Kim Dongchul was eating a sandwich and she went over there to thank him and give him a little massage. After shooting, Kim Dongchul said, “They are really nice people. I wish I can marry off my son to one of them,” and was full of other good compliments.

Of course, all the idol groups have a lot of passion and work hard during photoshoots, but SNSD was the first idol group that cared about their staff members with smiles that never left the photoshoot. I know they left a big impression on my experience with them; I would never forget them. Tiffany and Sunny were especially good help for me. When the pictures weren’t as good as I wanted them to be (the photoshoot was in August), they volunteered that they would come on the weekend for a re-shoot… Tiffany brought a chair for the editor who stood up to organize the charts, and Sunny, who did not have any breakfast herself, handed out sandwiches to all staff members before sitting down to eat herself.

I really want to thank the two of them and say that they grew up really well. I remember being really surprised about a few weeks ago, on Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Tiffany said that her mother… was not with her anymore. I thought that Tiffany was raised so well inspite of that and would like to see my daughters grow up to be like Tiffany in the future.

SNSD fighting!
Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever Girls’ Generation!
Did I say that right? ^^

Photoshoot: Ceci
Written by: Fashion editor Han Jungyoon
Translation: [email protected]/forums