SNSD’s member Yoona has recently been chosen as a model for Amore Pacific’s Innisfree – a company that promotes use of natural cosmetic products.

On 21st, Amore Pacific has disclosed that starting this fall, fans will be able to see Yoona on TV, magazines, and in Innisfree department stores.

Kim Heesun, a brand manager of Innisfree, said, “Yoona has been portraying her bright, pure image through her dramas and her album promotional activities with her group members. We have decided that Yoona’s such image fits well with Innisfree’s brand concept of purity, and that is why Yoona was chosen as the Innisfree’s model.

Also, Kim Heesun added that since Yoona is down to earth and is upbright, she will be able to appeal to wide range of age groups; this further bolsters their decision on choosing Yoona as Innisfree’s model.

Yoona has recently filmed a CF for Innisfree at the Jeju island, and starting this fall, it will be shown at the various department stores.


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Written by Lee SungJae
Translated by [email protected]/forums