GOD’s former member Kim Taewoo confessed his interest for SNSD’s Yuri.

On the 31st, the episode of ‘Come To Play – GOD special’, Kim Taewoo picked Yuri as the celebrity he would like to have as a younger sister.

He said “After being in the army, I saw SNSD for the first time when they debuted on TV” and “Even if I didn’t watch other artists on music programs, I always watched SNSD’s”, expressing his attachment for SNSD.

The production team prepared a surprise telephone call with SNSD’s Yuri. “During the hard parts of army training, I thought of Yuri to keep me going” and “In my personal cabinet, I put a picture of SNSD’s Yuri” Kim Taewoo confessed, turning the studio into a sea of laughter.

On this day, Yuri definitely said “Out of the GOD members, I was Kim Taewoo’s fan”, causing a strange atmosphere to occur.

Credit: AutoTimes
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