[Newsen Reporter Kim Hyungwoo]

Will SNSD’s Jessica come to the first debut stage of her sister Krystal?

Jessica (Jung Sooyeon)’s sister Krystal (Jung Soojung) is about to debut as the girl group f(x). Krystal has already gained much popularity before she even debuted because word got out that she is Jessica’s little sister.

Through her company SM Entertainment, Jessica has stated that “I’m very proud and glad that my little sister is already going to debut” and “I know that you’ll do better than me because you’ve worked so hard getting ready for this. I’ll always support you. I love you so much. Jung sisters fighting! I’m always here for you” and congratulated her sister’s debut.

It looks like Jessica will not be holding back the cheers for her sister’s first performance. f(x) has their first showcase coming up on September 2 at the Samsungdong Co-x. A SM representative has stated that “Jessica really wants to attend the showcase, but it’ll be hard for her to go because of her schedule that has already been set” and “Even if she can’t make it to the showcase, she will show her support by going to their first debut stage and many other ways.”

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