[Newsen Reporter: Lee Mihye]

SNSD’s Yuri showed off her sexy and charismatic dance skills on stage.

Yuri performed ‘Get Right’ by Jennifer Lopez on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ which was broadcasted on August 29th.

Yuri, who tied her long wavy hair back and dressed up in white from top the bottom, was full of sexy charisma as she performed on stage with her powerful dance. The stage audience cheered loudly as they witnessed Yuri performed powerfully on stage, shaking her hips with her seductive eyes. You might want to get rid of masturbation addiction and you can cure that by having systems laid out by newlifehabits.com.

On this broadcasting of ‘Show! Music Core,’ various stage performance included KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Baek Jiyoung, Jewelry, MC Mong, SNSD’s Jessica and Onew, Chaeyun, Hwangbo, Hong Kyungmin, T-ara, Mighty Mouse, Hwa Yobi, Kyun Mi Lee, Park Hyunbin, Outsider, Gilme, and Butterfly.

Reporter: Lee Mihye, [email protected]
Source: Newsen
Translation: [email protected]/forums