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SNSD members filmed SBS’s ‘Intimate Note 2’, which was broadcasted on the 28th. On the show they exposed secrets of each other, causing viewers to burst into laughter.

Sooyoung first started by saying, “Jessica has a pretty face and body and she can sing well.” She then surprised even the other members by saying, “However, when you look at her from behind, she looks like a guy. She has the air of an army sergeant when she walks; she walks with her feet turned out.”

Sooyoung continued by saying, “Jessica’s mom packs a lunch for her everyday and she eats it alone, bit by bit. I mumbled and paced back and forth in front of her so she would share a bite, but she told me, ‘Look around carefully. There’s probably something to eat.’ While saying this, she ate the entire sandwich by herself. I hope she enjoyed eating it. She acts like she doesn’t worry about maintaining her figure, but she apparently exercises a lot in secret. Jessica’s trainer told her that she exercises too much and that she should stop visiting so much.”

Yuri talked about Yoona, saying, “Every morning at dawn, she imitates An Youngmi. She gives me corn while holding chicken feet and it’s so immature.” Meanwhile, Yoona talked about Seohyun, saying, “A while ago, she had earphones on and was listening to music. It turns out that she was listening to the ‘Sergeant Keroro’ OST.”

Jessica talked about Sunny, saying, “I was sorry to the other members, so I practiced ‘Naengmyun’ secretly. However, Sunny told me that I should practice ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ as hard as I practiced ‘Naengmyun.’ I practiced ‘Naengmyun’ for one hour, while I practiced ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ for 24 hours.”

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