Screen capture of SNSD rehearsing ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

A video clip of SNSD was distributed throughout the internet, showing the nine members rehearsing their choreography before the official public release of the song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ in June.

On August 9th, the rehearsal video clip was distributed to websites including YouTube, Daum, and Keywui. The video reveals the nine members at the rehearsal room practicing their choreography while dressed in comfortable attire. This video has become a topic of interest amongst the fans due to the slightly different arrangement of music and choreography between the current ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and the one shown on the video.

The song from the video clip, titled as ‘I Just Wanna Wish (Original Title: I Just Wana Dance)’, is believed to be a version prior to the fully mastered ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ track due to the slight distinction of music and choreography between the two versions.

Although SNSD have concluded their ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ activity through Inkigayo’s farewell performance on the 9th, some members are still planning to pursue as DJ’s and MC’s.

Source: The Star Chosun
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Video credit: Tiffanist and prot0980