SNSD plans to continue their regular schedule on August 5th, despite the car accident that occurred on the previous day. Fortunately, SNSD is scheduled to attend only two afternoon events, which are MBC ‘Chin Chin Radio’ hosted by TaeYeon and KBS ‘Super Junior Kiss The Radio.’ SM Entertainment stated, “The physical condition of the members will be carefully examined to ensure their safety.”

The car accident occurred on the night of August 4th while driving home from their appearance on MBC FM4U ‘Dreamy Radio YooGun’.

According to SM Entertainment, the accident occurred while the members were driving home in two separate vehicles when another car attempted to pass the two on the Olympic road. SM also stated, “Fortunately, the minor collision didn’t turn out to be a big accident and none of the members were injured. HyoYeon, who sat in the front passenger seat, was rushed to the nearest hospital to be checked up on the bruises she received from the impact.”

SM Entertainment added, “HyoYeon did not sustain any possible signs of a concussion after a car accident – or any serious injuries and is currently resting” and concluded, “SNSD’s upcoming schedule will not be affected.”

Reporter: Kim Hyung Woo, [email protected]
Translation: [email protected]/forums