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‘If SNSD’s Seohyun uses her sexiness, she will achieve great success?’

Cable channel Y-STAR’s ‘Curiosity’ aired a segment titled ‘Fortune-Telling Using Faces! SNSD’s Episode.’ The producers of the show first showed a fortune-teller the faces of SNSD members. They then visited the group at a CF filming site and got their opinions on the fortunes.

According to the fortune-teller, “Yoona’s eyes are shaped like those of a bird. Her will is strong and she is extremely competitive. She has a habit of finishing things she starts, and it seems like she would be a good disciplinarian. Jessica’s high nose ridge means that she has the most popularity among guys. This is because she has a high nose ridge and it looks like the tip of her nose protects the rest of her nose.”

The fortune-teller also said, “Maknae [the youngest] Seohyun’s ‘charming fat’ under her eyes stand out. ‘Charming fat’ under the eyes is the symbol of sexiness. She is the type of person who can achieve great success if she uses her sexiness. Sunny has a nose that brings money. Either she will be rich or those around her, like her parents, will be rich.”

The responses from SNSD were varied.

Yoona was surprised by the fortune-teller’s comment about her being very competitive, saying, “Once I concentrate on doing something, I have to finish it.” Jessica was satisfied and clapped her hands after hearing that will be popular among guys. However, Seohyun felt awkward after hearing her fortune, saying, “I’m not sexy.” When hearing about Sunny’s ‘Good Fortune Nose,’ Tiffany responded by saying, “Sunny normally gives and buys a lot of stuff for other members.”

‘Fortune-Telling Using Faces! SNSD’s Episode’ broadcasts at 10:30 AM on the 5th.

Reporter: Lee Hyewan
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