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SNSD performed ‘3! 4!’ at the summer dance special with Roo’Ra

SNSD delivered the performance of ‘3! 4!’ on the first season of ‘Summer Dance Special’
to give the song an extra cute hit. They performed in place of Roo’Ra and Roo’Ra later
joined them to give a powerful performance leading to huge response from fans.

The 90’s greatest hit song ‘3! 4!’ leaped over ten years to become a trendy dance hit song.
SNSD together with Roo’Ra helped to gather a greater range of ages in the viewing audience,
which were previously mostly teens.
The teens of today said that the old song ‘3! 4!’ is ‘Great’ and ‘makes me excited.’

The special stage of ‘Summer Dance Special’ was a song by Cool performed
by 4 Minute also 2PM’s Taekyeon and Wooyoung perfectly reenacted the
performance of the HipHop Duo Deuce’s ‘In Summer’ receiving awesome response.

The ‘Summer Dance Special’ thus consisted of
2NE1, SNSD, Roo’Ra, 4 Minute, Kara, T-ara, ShiNee,
Brown Eyed Girls and Drunken Tiger’s cool performance,
enough to cool down the hot summer day.

Source: News.Joins
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