The Cheerful, Lively, and Cute Girl Groups are Heating Up the Charts This Summer

If you’ve observed Korea’s pop music world this summer, you will think of girl group promotions.
Yoo Jaegyu reporter will share with you how our pop music world flows with these specific girl groups.

To start, there is the female version of the popular idol group “Big Bang”, “2NE1”, who have been creating attention even during their planning stage before their debut.

There is also the group “4Minute”, which is a big subject of conversation because one of the members is a past Wondergirls’ member.

As summer begins, the battle between the new girl groups in the pop music world is hot.

Even SNSD, who seized the pop music market with a strongly addictive chorus, just released a new song, so the spirit of girl groups will be hot all summer long.

[Sunny/SNSD: I think many people like us because we have an image that is like the neighborhood dongseng or the neighborhood daughter.]

These girls created a lot of attention with their “hook song” by repeating the same word and rhythm in the chorus and adding a little bit of change in it, which made it an easy-listen.

[Im Jinmo/Music Critic: Recently, the types of “hook songs” are becoming popular not because of their rhythmic pattern, but because of the melody and such. So shall we call it the melody hook song? That important factor is slowly changing.

These groups are capturing the public’s attention with their strong sense of individuality on stage, unique sense of style that stands out, and lively dances.

The girl groups that create cheerful and lively music will stay strong for a while to come, with it being special because it’s summer.


Source: Sosiz and SBS News
Translation: [email protected]