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The nine membered girl group SNSD, who came back with military-styled topwear and hot pants, changed.

At Inkigayo on the 5th, SNSD member, Yuri, was the only uniquely dressed member with ankle length white skinny jeans instead of shorts, which emphasized her sexy legs.

Why was Yuri the only one wearing long pants?

Following the performance, SM entertainment representative had a phone conversation with Money Today’s star news reporter and explained to him, “Before we wanted to give SNSD a unified look through a uniformed outfit but today we wanted to individualize each member by matching their personality with their outfits, ” and, “This is the reason why Yuri wore long pants.”

He continued, “It wasn’t only Yuri who wore something different. Sooyoung wore a skirt, Tiffany wore a long blouse, etc. According to each member, there was a slight change.”

If in the beginning the goal was to show charismatic and sexy side of SNSD, now they want to show their personalities as well.

On the other hand, people are getting more curious about what kind of influence SNSD, who is gaining popularity through their new mini album’s title song “Tell Me Your Wish,” will have in music industry this time around.

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