Just the name makes oppas’ hearts flutter. The 9 girls, SNSD (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun), have come back.

It seems like only a few days ago, they were singing ‘Gee’ and were capturing the music industry with their cute charms. But the girls have returned with the scent of a woman. While wearing hot pants, the point is at the legs as the, “hacky sack dance”
The hot pants they wear emphasize their legs and from the “hacky sack dance” to the marine look, it’s all becoming topics of conversation.

# There’s still a lot to show!

SNSD appeared wearing flat shoes and looked lively. Tiffany, with her eye smile, greeted people with a “Hello”.

SNSD felt anxious about their first stage and couldn’t sleep. They asked us to look forward to their stage. Taeyeon said, “We still have lots to showcase and we’re very thankful for all the interest we’ve been getting. We felt like our expectations were a lot higher so we prepared that much more.”

Tiffany and Yuri are MCs for MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ and while MC’ing for the music program, they saw other singers singing and were anxious to be on stage themselves. Both of them said, “You don’t know how much we wanted to be on stage. That is why in the past broadcast, we got a little worked up, thinking about our stage.” and laughed.

# A song catchier than ‘Gee’!

SNSD had so much popularity with Gee that they were number 1 for 9 consecutive weeks on a music program. There has been a lot of interest in what kind of album would the girls provide this time. The new song, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ hook song characteristic is a lot weaker than ‘Gee’. But the rhythm and beat is more refined and intense that ‘Gee’.

The impression of a song when you first listen to it is very important. When we asked what they thought when they first received the song, they said, “It had a stronger feel to it than ‘Gee’. We wondered if it was really our song.”

Taeyeon explained, “‘Gee’, which garnered a lot of popularity, was a challenge to us. This time, it is also another challenge. But one thing is for sure that this time, we all really like the song. When we first listened to it, we felt like ‘This is the one’.”

Yuri added, “This is a style we like. When we had to choose songs, we felt it. When we choose songs we ask ourselves, ‘Will this song be loved? Can it be successful?’ but instead of that, we kept in mind that we wanted to take on a new challenge to select the song”

# This time, will it be 9 consecutive weeks again?

Since ‘Gee’ was such a big success, there must’ve been a lot of pressure.

Sooyoung said, “Last time, ‘Gee’ was loved by many. So people who think about that say, ‘They should do 9 consecutive weeks again.’ However we think 9 consecutive weeks, even at that time, was like a miracle. It can’t be easily achieved and the feat is surreal. We just try our best.”

A lot of outstanding hoobae* girl groups like 2NE1 are appearing, making it the ‘girl groups’ golden age’. When asked what their biggest strength is, Hyoyeon smiles widely and replies, “Our number of members? We’ll do music with our own color.”

# There’s a lot who think you’ve become more sexier!

Before SNSD released their album, their marine look became a topic of conversation. The company revealed, “We wanted this album to show a more advanced level than past albums in the music sense and everything else.” That intention must have shown well because fans say, ‘They’ve matured’ or ‘They’ve gotten sexier’.

What is SNSD thinking about all of this? Yoona “It’s fun to take on challenges. Since challenges are exciting, I think we can show more of a variety of appearances. Rather than big talk, it’s not SNSD’s one concept but rather, we’ll be challenging ourselves to show a variety of appearances. I’d like it if people remembered our resolution. I’d also like it if people thought ‘Girls can show this kind of appearance too’.”

On the topic of ‘they’ve gotten sexier’, Jessica revealed, “Although we don’t hate it, I don’t think we don’t match sexy yet.”

# Which dance is going to be popular?

During ‘Gee’, the ‘Gee dance’ and ‘crab leg dance’ was so popular that there couldn’t have been a person that didn’t dance it. This time, will there be a dance that will be that popular?

Tiffany says, “Usually, when we create dances, we don’t create names for the dance. The names ‘Gee dance’ and ‘crab leg dance’ came to be because that’s what fans called it. I think they’ll create pretty names this time too. Overall, the choreography makes your body lines look pretty and there’s a lot of points on your legs. There’s a dance that is similar to doing aerobics, or doing a Miss Korea greeting. You wave your hands around which is a memorable dance move.” and she showed the hand move. That sight was lovely.

Likewise, Sunny says, “The people watching seem to capture the points well. Please pay attention to our arms and legs.”

Maknae* Seohyun says, “You can feel the energy that is SNSD’s own. We’ll be responsible and try hard to make our fans proud to be called SNSD fans.” and shouted ‘fighting’.

Within 2 years of debut, SNSD has become Korea’s representative girl group and the girls’ transformation is delightful. In the future, how will the 9 girls set delight in fans, and there’s a lot of anticipation for the growth of these girls with no limit.

Source: Reporter Lee Jungah @ Osen & Sosiz
Translated by: [email protected]/forums

Hoobae = Junior
Maknae = Youngest