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It is given that in every group, there is always one member that stands out. The company tries hard to maximize that member’s fans’ interests. The most widely used method is to catch attention using visuals on stage. There isn’t a big difference with the other members, but they add a special point that matches the theme.

The biggest representative is ‘SNSD’ Yuri, who is the only one with dark hair.

The reason for this is because out of all the members, they chose a style that stood out. They did not purposely try to stand out, but because they were looking for the style that suited them best, the result was that they unknowingly stood out. Or, they put what they were getting attention for in their minds, and chose more fancy and unique clothes. We have looked into the latest girl groups and their member that stood out and their way of showing off their uniqueness.

◆ SNSD – Yuri

Out of all the latest girl groups, SNSD is the only group that dresses uniformly. The only thing that could make a member stand out is the hairstyle. SNSD members changed their hair colors to bright colors as they released their most recent album. But, Yuri was the only one to maintain a dark brown hair color. Because of this, she naturally stands out the most out of all the members.

SNSD’s company had no intention of “specially making her stand out. Yuri’s skin color is on the darkish side, so dark hair colors suit her best.” They didn’t do it intentionally, but as they were searching for the style that suit Yuri the best, they unknowingly made her stand out. Because of her dark hair color, Yuri gives off a sophisticated women’s scent instead of the usual youthful feeling that the other members hold.

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