SNSD’s 2nd mini album “Tell Me Your Wish” recorded 80k pre-order sales, and people are forecasting another SNSD syndrome once again.

The 2nd mini album, which got released on/offline on June 29th, includes the title song “Tell Me Your Wish” and 5 other songs that portray SNSD’s unique bright and fresh charm. Attention is being drawn over the issue of whether SNSD will break over 100k sales for 3 consecutive albums or not.

SNSD have proven themselves to be the best female group of Korea as the title song topped various online charts shortly after its release and also pre-order sales for the 2nd mini album went over 80k.

In addition, last week SNSD showed perfect and energetic live performances in music shows, and they captivated fans with more mature charms. As a result, the anticipation for their future activities has risen even higher.

SNSD said, “We thank you for showing immense interests for this mini-album. We are very grateful. Please look forward to our future activities with “Tell Me Your Wish”. We will always try our best”.

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