“9 Girls 9 Colours” Tiffany “After 10 years, when I think of SoShi”
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SNSD made their comeback in the music industry through the song â??Geeâ??, which caused a storm. SNSD is coming back with a new mini album with the track â??Tell Me Your Wishâ?? on the 29th. On the 22nd, â??Tell Me Your Wishâ?? was released online and on mobile awards. This song is already starting to draw in music fansâ?? interest. With the new record, SNSDâ??s Taeyeon, Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Jessica had a relay interview. The next is Tiffanyâ??s questions and answers.

-If you were to personally introduce your new song â??Tell Me Your Wishâ??.
▶ Itâ??s an album where we are able to come back with another new side of us ^^. This album truly has songs that Iâ??ve been cherishing, so Iâ??m very happy. The title song â??Tell Me Your Wishâ?? makes me feel like Iâ??m actually telling my wish. Hehe.

-In â??Tell Me Your Wishâ?? what is a dance part we should focus on?
▶ In this song, there are a lot of faithful lyrics. I remember there is a dance part where we shake our hands as if we are doing aerobics. ^^

-The new album released pictures of the â??marine lookâ?, which is a hot topic. â??Changed into maturityâ?? was the special meaning behind the picture.
▶ It means that SNSD went from being simple and cute to wanting to become polished?

-These days, people are saying SNSD got sexier. Do you think that you are sexy and what are your thoughts on this evaluation?
▶ I think the sexiness came from simply being natural. Rather than feeling sexy, I would say more mature?^^

-Your last mini album title track â??Geeâ?? did phenomenally well. Following this, do you feel any kind of burden with this new album?
▶ There is some burden, but â??Geeâ?? has its own â??Geeâ?? charm and â??Tell Me Your Wishâ?? has its own different charm. So truthfully, I am confident^^!

-This year, it seems like you guys are running to become the best singers. Related to this part, what is a goal you want to achieve?
▶ Even after 10 years, when I think of 2009, I want to make sure I think of SNSD!

-2NE1, 4minute are new girl groups and your juniors, and Kara and Brown Eyed Girls are also making a comeback during the summer. This summer could possibly be called the â??Battle of the Girl Groupsâ??. During this period, what do you think is SNSDâ??s strongest point?
▶ I have confidence in our team work. Our passion for being on stage is also very strong.

-Say one last thing to your fans.
▶Tell Me Your Wish~!^^

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