Netizens are applauding to SM’s quick response.

SNSD, the biggest issue of this summer, released the album cover of upcoming 2nd mini-album on the 22nd, but people criticized the image of aircraft, which resembled Zero-sen. As the criticism grew, SNSD’s management company decided to immediately delete the controversial image. On the 23rd, SM Ent said, “We inserted military icons in the album cover, but we are going to delete those because some are misinterpreted from what we have intended”, and added “We will delete the image and replace it with T-20 which is developed and produced in Korea”.

In response to the step taken by the management company for unintended but controversial issue, most of Netizens viewed it as a “regrettable but a proper decision”.

One Netizen said “It’s good that they quickly reacted to the criticism before the comeback. If they ignored this issue and only gave excuses, the situation would have gotten worse”. Another said, “deleting the pic will be better for SNSD”.

Meanwhile, SNSD’s new single “Tell me your wish” topped various charts in just one day after its release, and is about to extend “Gee” syndrome.

SNSD’s 2nd mini album title song “Tell me your wish” was released through various mp3 sites on the 22nd. Shortly after the release, the song topped real time charts, and after a short while, it reached #1 in daily charts. After the day from its initial release, the ranking is shooting up even higher. Entering Melon chart as #6 surprised many people who work in music industry. Considering that “Gee” entered the chart as #10, the new song is getting a lot of popularity. The song reached #1~2 in almost every mp3 charts foreshadowing another SNSD syndrome.


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