Taeyeon ‘From Make-Believe Girlfriend to Make-Believe Mom’ SNSD Comeback Countdown

[2009-06-21 11:35:14]

[NewsEn Reporter Kim Hyungwoo]

SNSD, who are about to make a comeback, are taking the challenge again, this time in a real childcare variety show.

SNSD’s new program, KBS JOY “SNSD’s Hello Baby”, is a real childcare variety show where they will leave behind their image as pure and young girls and show the viewers a more mature side of them. Specially Taeyeon, who already experienced being a girlfriend in MBC’s “We Got Married”, will now have the good fortune(?) of experiencing life as a mother. In this program, she will learn how to raise a nine-months old baby.

In the first recording, which took place on the 15th, there are rumors saying that SNSD had difficulties trying to sooth the crying baby. But it was reported that, amid this problem, Taeyeon took care of it by saying, “I raised my 9 years old younger sister, too,” and showing her natural child rearing skills, surprising her other group members.

In “SNSD’s Hello Baby,” SNSD members will personally visit university, working, or celebrity married couples who have an interesting situation, taking care of their babies for a day and showing the viewers the child rearing process and how do deal with the problems that may arise.

Turning from young girls into mature ladies, the program where the nine pretty SNSD members will challenge themselves and turn into real mothers,”SNSD’s Hello Baby”, will have it’s first broadcast on the 23th of June.

Source: NewsEn

Translation: Cph@Soshified.com