Yoona is not likely to join MBC Sunday Show immediately.

SNSD became MCs of Horror Movie Factory and are currently working hard to be a Horror Queen. However Yoona couldn’t join them due to Cinderella Man, and only 8 members are participating now.

Now that Yoona finished shooting Cinderella Man, can she join the members? People are curious if she’s joining Sunday Show since HMF is ending and new segment will begin soon. Unfortunately it’s impossible for Yoona to join Sunday Show right now.

A representative of SM Entertainment says, “Although Yoona wants to join the members, she has to concentrate on recording her parts which was delayed.”

In fact, she had no time to relax since she had to record Cinderella Man right after KBS You Are My Destiny.

The representative also says, “It’s not possible to join immediately, but she will be together with the members soon. We will send her when she finishes her recordings.”

Meanwhile, SNSD is planning a new album this summer. The representative says, “The release date isn’t fixed yet. You can expect good news soon.”

credits: NewsEn
translated by bossa747 @ soshified