SNSD Seohyun yelled and cried in front of Bumsoo (Lee).

Seohyun showed her acting skill in front of Bumsoo, who came to teach acting, at MBC’s “Horror Factory” filming set.

The task given by Bumsoo to SNSD was to explore and talk about SNSD themselves. This is one of the real training method for prospective actors, and is an essential fundamental training.

During this process, Tiffany first revealed her acting skill that she has been practicing, and other members followed and competed each other with their polished acting skills.

Especially, Maknae Seohyun showed acting that surpassed her unnies by yelling and crying to Bumsoo, and surprised everyone on the set.

The one who get selected by Bumsoo as the best student is going to record a test film with [Sooyoung].

O: 우남희 기자 [email protected]
T: [email protected]


MC Seyoon asked SNSD members to talk about what they though of Bumsoo in a bus on the way to the recording set, but Bumsoo was secretly riding the same bus and heard everything what the girls said about himself.

Also, SNSD each prepared gifts with $20 given prior to the meeting. The girls made Bumsoo laugh as Tiffany prepared her high waisted two piece swimsuit for coming summer, Sooyoung prepared a Bamboo wife (aka Dutch wife) to comfort lonely days, and Hyeoyeon prepared a pot and an instant noodle.

O: 이미혜 [email protected]
T: [email protected]


Another article says,

Bumsoo is going to pick 5 gifts that he likes or are useful, and the losing team (that has less # gifts picked) is to wear a gym suit in the next recording.