[05.22.09] Even a Mannequin is no match for SNSD’s Yoona’s body.

SNSD’s Yoona’s mannequin-like physique has garnered attention.

A shot of Yoona filming for the recent episode of the MBC Wednes/Thurs drama Cinderella Man (CM) has been released. In this drama, currently, Yoona takes on a role of Seo Yoojin, who desires to be a designer, and works with Kwon Sangwoo.

In one particular scene, Yoona was standing next to a mannequin. Apparently, this has captured netizens’ attention; Yoona’s body and mannequin’s body resembles each other. In this picture, Yoona’s height, length of her arms and neck, and even size of her face appeared to be
same as the mannequin’s.

Netizens finds this picture entertaining and comments, “Her body is truly a mannequin’s body”
and ,”Even a Mannequin is no match for SNSD’s Yoona’s body.”

…(CM spoilers so didn’t translate the last line)

Source: http://eto.freechal….090522113000553
Translation: cathode @ soshified.com
Edits: Soy @ soshified.com