SNSD 1st for â??Star you want to invite to University Festivalâ??

9 girl group SNSD placed 1st on â??The Star you would want to invite to your university festivalâ??. From the 11th to the 18th, website Bugs conducted a survey asking â??The star you would want to invite to your university festivalâ?? to over 7306 netizens, and SNSD placed 1st with a vote of 24.84% (1815 people).

Netizens said with passionate support , â??Even if SNSD were to be just sitting still, that would be a huge performanceâ?

DBSK placed 2nd with 20.13% (1471 people), and at 3rd was Super Junior with 19.09% (1395 people)

In addition to the performance of the groupâ??s members, netizens have evaluated their excellent skills, â??Their talking skills is great, the songs are great, and we like the performanceâ? also that â??they are the best of idolsâ? these praises were not spared.

At 4th place, Big Bang with 18.75% (1370 people). Concerning Big Bang, netizens said â??they arenâ??t idols anymore but is the most loved by the publicâ? they also said â??Big Bang, the most popular and the most well out.â?

At 5th place , SS501 with 10.21% (746 people), and at 6th place, Wonder Girls with 6.97% (509 people)

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