“Ulzzang” turned actress, Goo Hyesun (25) and SNSD’s Yoona’s (19) faces have been analyzed as to having a “Grandmother Image” and netizens have begun with their criticism.

On the 13th, the media said, “Goo Hyesun and Yoona have similar faces” and “They both have somewhat pursed lips and when they talk, at the first glance, you are aware of a grandmother impression.” They also said, “With their fateful wrinkles, skin, and thin jawbones, they really resemble the image of an old woman.”

After the release of this news, the netizens’ reactions were divided over. Some of the contents were agreeable, but to compare two young stars with grandmothers was uncalled for.

Some netizens say, “It wasn’t only me who thought they resembled grandmothers. When Goo Hyesun talks while she eats, you can really associate her with an old lady.” Others say, “They feel like grandmothers” and have agreed with the news report. Some others say, “Yoona is only 20 years old. If you call her a grandma, don’t you think she’ll be hurt?”

The fans of both stars have also started forming their own opinions. “How dare you compare Koo Goddess (Goo Hyesun) with Yoona? It makes no sense” and “How do you see Yoona as a grandma? There’s nothing similar about these two people” and many people are posting on the Internet to defend the two stars.

Also, netizens have been posting witty comments such as “If my grandma looked like that, I would be spending the rest of my life filming ‘The Way to Home'” and “Are grandmothers ulzzangs?” Another comment that gave laughter was “Even if people say they look like grandmas, if they look the way they do, they won’t have any wishes.”

Credits to Yahoo Korea and [email protected]/forums