translated the SNSD related part of the article…

‘E-Tribe’, a popular song writer was chosen to be a judge for a Korea & Japan collaborating audition called ‘DaeDongKyung Girl’

E-Tribe, who has recently brought SNSD’s ‘Gee’ up to fame will be working with a top producer from Japan as a judge for the audition.

This event is even more meaningful since music producers of Japan’s Upfront has been showing interest in working with E-Tribe.

The offline audition held April 10th~12th showed that over 60% of the applicants used SNSD’s ‘Gee’ as their audition piece. The Japanese producers who were judging the applicants couldn’t hide their surprise by the overwhelming percentage of SNSD pieces and questioned, “What is ‘Gee’ that so many girls are showing such fervent interest for it?”

The Japanese representatives stated later; after judging that day, they returned to their quarters and personally looked up the music video then said, “This is indeed an amazing song.”

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