The unique weather forecasts displayed by SNSD on MBC ‘Horror Film Factory’ attracted much attention.

During the show that aired on the 10th, each member acted out their distinct versions of weather forecasts as a challenge to test their abilities before their experience in the haunted classroom.

With this challenge, Taeyeon reported about the sand storms saying, “There was a sand storm where my friend lives. My friend has weak lungs..” all the while crying intensely for her friend.

Then Sooyoung surprised MC Yoo Saeyoon and the other members when she gave her forecast in a ‘sexy version’. Sooyoung’s sexy version that incorporated lustful tone and motions heated up the studio.

Seohyun also garnered attention with her ‘grandmother version’ of weather forecast.

On this day’s show, MC Jo Haeryun advise the girls, “Acting is all about expressing your emotions. You have to be good at expressing yourself.”

The show ‘Horror Film Factory’ which has SNSD as the main characters, is a survival program where the girls compete to become a female leading actress for a horror film. The girls invite a special teacher on each episode and go through trials and challenges that tests their abilities. The girl who is chosen as the Horror Queen will be selected to become the female actress of an actual horror film.

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