Entertainer Choi Hwajung revealed that “she and SNSD Yoona frequently send text messages to each other.”

While participating on the first of next month’s episode of ‘Best Friends Note,’ she said, “After participating with Yoona on last February’s ‘Best Friends Note,’ we became ‘best friends.'”

Choi Hwajung and Yoona had had a good time with Lee Youngha and Kim Kookjin.

At the question of “Do you keep in contact with the participants,” she answered that “SNSD Yoona and I contact each other very often, much more than I do with others.” She also added, “While I was DJ-ing on live radio, she even sent me a text message saying, ‘I’m on my way to the hair salon. Your radio is very funny.'”

Translations credits to daisy kim @ Soshified